Crack Repair

When it comes to crack repair, it pays to look for a company that stays up to date with the latest technology and product enhancements. At Westchester Seal & Repair we are proud to use the Cimline M1 machine, a revolutionary system that uses pressurized hoses to fill cracks with melted tar, ensuring a complete and lasting repair. We understand that commercial properties are important investments, and we are dedicated to providing quality seal coating and crack repair services to help you maximize the value of your property. Ignoring seemingly small cracks can quickly lead to larger issues, such as alligatoring, pot holes, buckling, and pavement depressions. Our experienced team knows the importance of addressing and fixing cracks as soon as possible and we take great care to ensure that the cracks are filled using only the best products. We offer both cold patch and hot tar repair services, and we are happy to go over the options with you and provide our recommendation on the best process for your needs. When you choose us for your crack repair, you can trust that we will pay meticulous attention to detail and provide you with a lasting and reliable repair.