Our Process

Street Sweeping:  Here we will be using a high-powered street sweeper to scrub the pavement clean of dirt, debris, broken asphalt, salt, and any remaining trash in the parking lot. All debris will then be removed and dumped at an off-site location. This is ONLY done upon customers request however we do supply the service.


Clearing- The commercial lot is cleaned thoroughly using industrial air blowers and wire bristled power brooms to ensure all debris is removed.


Power washing- Upon request and if needed we will power wash the commercial lot if there is heavy mildew, dirt or tree sap present to ensure proper adhesion of sealer.


Asphalt Maintenance- Pot holes, line cracking and alligator pavement is repaired.


Oil and Gas stains- Stains are primed and brushed thoroughly to remove the damaged surface.


Edging-The edges are brushed by hand to ensure no overspill occurs. This makes certain that all decorative stone and borders are protected.


Sealcoat- Finally the driveway is sealed using our spray or hand method with ‘Star Seal’ Coal Tar based driveway sealer. The sealer is mixed with 250 lbs of sand to give extra grip, stronger texture, and to help fill all smaller surface cracks.