Frequently Asked Questions 

Why sealcoat my driveway?


From the moment your driveway is installed it begins to deteriorate due to the suns UV rays, water, ice, gasoline and oil. The suns UV rays weaken the asphalt that holds your driveway together leading to brittle, gray, cracked pavement. Petroleum products such as gasoline and oil break down the asphalt causing stones to become loose and pot holes to develop. Water works its way into the asphalt pavement and then freezes which causes cracks to spread. Periodic sealcoating will block the UV rays of the sun, resist gas and oil spills, seal out water and ice and beautify your pavement.                                                                               

How is the sealer applied?

This is our most FAQ. The customer can spend hours online trying to find which method is better (spray vs. hand) and unfortunately they will never find a definitive answer. To put simply, we do both. Spraying leaves a uniform coat every time. It keeps the existing texture of the driveway, which gives it the new original look. When applying by hand we use a squeegee. This is the method of choice for residential jobs because it is a thicker application and helps to fill small porous areas better than by spray.                                                                                

What if I have oil stains?

We will use our “SealMaster Oil Primer” to help break apart the oil stains.                             

How long should I stay off the driveway?

We recommend 48 hours of no traffic to ensure all areas dry evenly

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

How often should I reseal my driveway?

It is recommended to reseal asphalt pavements every two years; however, many of our clients prefer to reseal every year to take advantage of the beautification portion of the sealcoating process.

When you fix the cracks, are they still going to be visible?

Yes. The filler settles into the cracks creating a binding with the asphalt; however, the outline of the crack will remain visible even when the sealcoat is administered.

How should I pay?

We accept, Cash, Check, and Credit Card.