Crack Repair

Do not make the mistake of hiring a company who doesn't put staying current with technology and product enhancements first. Our Cimline M1 machine puts all other businesses and their crack methods to shame. Why use gravity to slowly fill a crack when we have the capability of using a pressurized hose to shoot the melted tar inside the crack to ensure they are filled completely.

When it comes to caring for your commercial property we ensure all aspects are addressed and cared for. We understand this property can be one of your most important investments and we look to treat it as such. When reviewing the condition and needs of your asphalt parking lot, all aspects are taken into account. We take an honest look and provide services to not only seal coat but to also offer crack repair services, if desired.

Often times, not paying mind to a small crack seems like a minute detail which can be addressed down the road. What most do not realize, by ignoring a seemingly small crack, it can ultimately lead to the demise of a section of the pavement, if not all of it. Having a small crack in the asphalt is comparable to having a small crack in the windshield of your car. In a car, if the crack is left untreated, it can spiderweb and result in needing an entire new windshield, which could have been avoided if the crack was treated immediately. Similarly, a crack in the asphalt can lead to alligatoring, pot holes, pavement deterioration, buckling, or pavement depressions. We understand the importance of addressing and fixing cracks to help you get the most out of your investment.

It is incredibly important to have a professional fix cracks in the pavement such as us, as we look to minimize the appearance of cracks after a fresh seal coat has been applied and we also ensure they match the color of the seal coat, unlike home based products which can leave your cracks to appear brownish in color.

When repairing a crack, we pay meticulous attention to detail. If you have cracks, we will go over the options you have, such as, cold patch or hot tar, and give your our recommendation on the best process for you.