When customers visit your business, the first thing they are greeted with is the presentation of the parking lot. Before cracks and potholes, it is the vibrant or faded condition of the parking lines that gives them the overall comfort of shopping with you.  A beautiful and vibrant parking lot shows the customer that the owner appreciates you as a customer and takes care of their property.

A well-marked parking lot helps direct customers safely around the parking area. Whether it is the parking spaces, crosswalks, stop bars or arrows, all these help the customer feel safe when driving through the parking lot.

We at Westchester Seal & Repair know how important the layout of your parking lot is to optimize available space so we are willing to aid in developing the most effective use of your space.

One thing that separates us from the competition is the use of lasers. All lines are sprayed with laser precision to ensure a professional job each time.