ADA Compliance

Maintaining ADA Compliance and Keeping Customers Safe

The top priority of a property owner is to ensure the safety of its guests and that pavement is compliant with ADA standards.

Fix trip hazards and cracks

When pavement becomes uneven, begins to crack, or has potholes form the risk level for your customers or residents increases. A simple inspection from one of our trained professionals can help reduce the likelihood of an expensive slip and fall injury from occurring. Crack filling and asphalt patching can limit the occurrence of trip hazards on the pavement.

A poorly maintained parking lot will not just put your business at risk for accidents, it can add expensive lawsuits that can cripple a business. Insurance companies can raise premiums or even cancel a policy for parking lots that are deemed hazardous. An annual maintenance plan can help give you and your customers peace of mind by addressing problems before and as soon as they emerge.

Check for ADA compliance

The business is responsible for providing the customers at their locations access to all locations with ease. While ADA compliance seems obvious, it goes beyond having handicapped parking spaces. Lot markings and signage must be bright and clear, displaying to the patrons’ the correct path of travel.