Spray vs Hand

We are often asked by our customers which method of application we prefer. To be put simply they both offer completely different benefits. Every customer is explained the difference between each method so an educated decision can be made. When it comes to residential driveways, I strongly recommend a hand application; however with commercial properties the most popular choice of our clients is the spray method. The following is an explanation of the two methods that can be used.

SPRAY: The most important thing to know about SPRAY sealcoating is that it can only be applied by a company with proper equipment.

The following are the benefits of using spray application:

1- Less expensive- The cost of application is much less than hand application. This is beneficial for commercial properties because they are larger and we apply the sealer with 2-3 coatings.

2- Visual- The finished product has that original ‘new look’.

The following are the negatives to using spray application:

1- The amount of sealer used is less. Even though the sealer is applied at a high pressure, the sealer is only lightly coated onto the asphalt which lessens the longevity of the sealer.

2- Cracks that are not initially repaired are not filled because the sealer doesn’t penetrate into those areas.

3- There can sometimes be what is known as a ‘picture frame’ created due to boarding. This occurs because we have to edge the boarders to prevent sealer from splashing onto any area outside the scope of work.

HAND: Applying sealer by HAND application is the most common. We use squeegees because they spread the sealer at a heavier consistency and reduce lines from forming.

The following are the benefits to using hand application:

1- No ‘picture frame’ effect.

2- Significantly more sealer is used which increases the longevity of the asphalt.

3- Cracks that are not repaired and smaller hairline cracks are filled.

The following are the negatives to hand application:

1- Higher cost